Handing the baton

All of our Bible Study contacts were passed onto willing church members. Praying that they will continue strong and that they too may result in a great blessing as I did!

Tatiana was one of the first church members to come out and experience Bible Work with me! She stayed faithfully coming out every week. Her Bible Study contacts were a smooth transition. It was hard saying goodbye to my Bible study contacts but i know they are in good hands! “God is not unjust: he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.” -Hebrews 6:10


Sabbath school teachers


For the Past two weeks Randy and I were in charge of the Sabbath school at the Mentone Church! It was nerve wrecking to teach 50 mature Adventist. Yet it was beautiful that God can use anyone and that no mater where we go, the SDA church has the same Sabbath school in which we can all discuss and analyze.

Randy, using Souls West techniques to teach the class! Breaking down prophecy with supporting scripture!



They came back!

We had been assigned to call back those that had missed a night or two. Before we began to call our list, we prayed over them. Then i began to make my calls and invite them again for last nights sessions. I was blessed to see that all of the people whom I spoke to over the phone, where able to come back! I hadn’t met most of their faces but was able to bump into them on the way out of the meeting!

One of the ladies I spoke to over the phone wanted to bring her parents. We prayed together on the phone. That night I was able to meet them at the series! (:

Full house on our first night!


By the Grace of God we started our meetings with a full house! Many of our Bible Study contacts were able to make it and we had many from the community attend the meetings because of the flyers they received. We have much work to do still and are praying that more will come and be blessed by the messages Taj is giving every night.




Revelation Of Hope


The flyers were seen! 50% of the visitors came because of the flyers that were left on doors and cars. Please continue to pray for more people to come and be touched by the deep and beautiful messages presented by Taj! Also that these flyers will be seen and taken notice! It’s beyond beautiful to see a church working together to put an amazing event such as this. If we are detailed in making a party for a loved one how much more should we prepare for an event dedicated to God?


Flyer Fever

16833416_10212095093714203_1875116137_oThis past Sunday all the Bible Workers and coordinators from the area, came out to help the Mentone Church pass out the flyers for the Series. While passing out flyers, we encountered people that told us that they had been hearing about this event and were planning to attend. We finished passing out more then 7,500 flyers to the Mentone and Redlands community.

That next morning a Man sent us an email notifying that he was angry because a flyer had been left on his car, became soggy from the rain and when he pulled it out, half of it got stuck inside his door. He wanted us to pay for the damages.

As soon as we heard about this we prayed that this experience would somehow have a positive outcome. This afternoon we received a second email, that he was able to fix it and everything was okay. We hope that somehow he too will attend the meetings.

Praising God that He answered our prayers!


From contact to friend!

16833282_1886650308027503_1557812529_oAt the end of my Bible study with Mark, I felt impressed to ask him if I can bring my guitar and sing a few song to him. He said yes, and I brought my guitar the following week. After singing a few Hymns from the songbook, his mood totally changed. He said, “The songs really bring a different vibe to this Bible study” He then began to open up  more spiritually to me and I felt like I was giving a Bible study to a friend instead of a Bible study contact. He also told me that he has always wanted to learn to play guitar, so I offered to teach him on my off day. After this experience, he told me that out of all the Bible studies he has had, he had never enjoyed one like the once we have been doing. He then told me before I left that he will be there at the Evangelistic series. God will use the specific talents that he has given you to reach people that only you can reach.

Some plant, some water and some reap.


Last week I had the chance to meet Alex. He’s a teenager… and he’s experienced what the Bible call’s being “born from above” (John 3). He is actually a brother of a fellow SOULS West classmate. Ever since he attended one of the seminars in Yucaipa he was hook on wanting to learn more. After noticing his interest I asked his sister if she thought it would be a good idea  to ask him to study the Bible. She was excited for the possibility. She tells me that she has been mentoring him and sharing with him many Bible Truths and he recently has been hungry for more. Ever since I asked him to study with me he has asked if I could take him to the seminars in Yucaipa. Its been about a week and he has attended 5 meetings already! I have studied with him only once but He’s already gone to church with me and helped pass out flyers for the next series. Iv talked with him about his walk with God and he told me that he wants to learn more so that he too can be baptized. The Holy Spirit is at work in this young mans heart. Please pray that nothing stands in the way of his decision to follow Christ.

“I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow” – 1 Corinthians 3:6

Civil War in the home

Sharing the words of life to a mother and her sons.

Its always exciting to see someone’s enthusiasm to improve there situation in life especially when it involves improving the home atmosphere. This mother works nights and would never get to see her two sons at home. She worries about the influences her sons have around them when she isn’t home. To make a long story longer… she lost her job the same day I went to her door.  She had a deep desire to repair the lost connection she had with God… and then I show up at her door offering her Bible Study’s.  We end up studying later on the same day! She desperately wanted a change in her home and that study was a landmark in her journey in taking back her home. Divine appointments are always a blessing.